Star Citizen Model Archive

A passion project of mine for well over a year now, this represents an archive of the lasercraft models I've created for the Star Citizen community. Here you will find a link to the pictures galleries as well the as the files to build your own!


Aegis Dynamics

"Aegis Dynamics was founded from a merger between Earth-based Aegis Macrocomputing and Davien-based Dynamic Production Systems, with the explicit goal of constructing naval spacecraft."


Anvil Aerospace

"Anvil Aerospace is one of the earliest Terran success stories. It was founded in 2772 by J.Harris Arnold. The initial Anvil skunkworks facility was located in Nova Kiev, Terra, and the company’s headquarters are still there."


Aopoa / Xian

"Following on the heels of a successful technology-sharing partnership with ship manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight ConcernEmperor Kray has slowly been allowing his people to pursue more interspecies business transactions."